Are you a completely new to yoga and wondering which class is suitable ?
We recommend Warm/Hot Hatha and Foundations of Yoga Classes 

Our Hatha and Foundations of Yoga Class are open to anybody, whatever your level of experience and recommended for complete beginners. These classes cover a full repertoire of postures, sun salutations, breathing techniques and relaxation. The focus of the class is correct alignment and building, strength, stability and flexibility.

Foundations of Yoga Classes are currently on a Tuesday evening and Warm/Hot Hatha Friday morning. Please see our 

Hot Flow

Suitable for experienced levels or the very brave beginner. Dynamic and detoxifying, this class is not for the faint hearted. This is a Vinyasa class - flowing synchronisation of body movement and breath. Flow classes involve a certain level of co-ordination so we recommend if this is your first yoga class that you attend Hot Hatha , Foundations of Yoga class or a Beginners Workshop first.

Private lessons

We offer private one to one and private group classes, at times outside of our regular timetable. If you would like to arrange private lessons please telephone  to discuss.