Hot Yoga Chorley is Chorley's first hot yoga studio. We have a beautiful space, tucked away down a private driveway , close to Chorley town centre.

Our boutique studio is spacious and complimented with natural light, providing a peaceful sanctuary to a wonderful community of students and teachers.

The studio is heated with overhead infrared heat panels to between 28 degrees and 36 degrees.


Unlike most Hot Yoga Studios, the heat from each panel can be adjusted separately, allowing students the benefit of practising in heat which is comfortable to them.


Infrared heat is like the sun's heat but without the damaging effects - imagine the warmth of the sun on a Carribbean beach and you will have some idea how the studio feels. 


Our teachers have been handpicked not only for their maturity and experience, knowledge and passion, but for their true dedication over many years to their own yoga journey. 

....... but in our studio, it isn't about our egos' & what we can do, it's all about our students.


We are here to inspire, support and guide 

you, through your yoga journey.

call or text 07712672100
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